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KL's club scene can be said to be hip and happening. Most places 9and there's plenty) have good live entertainment (usually bands and combos) and offer great deals on drinks during Happy Hours.

There are plenty of gay meeting places in the middle of city.

[Advisory: Gay life in Malaysia, as in other Asian countries, is blossoming despite social and economic turmoil. Muslims here are still subject to antiquated religious laws and gay or lesbian sexual activity may be punished by flogging. Muslim religious law, however, does not apply to the rest of the population. Righteous officials of the Islamic Religious Dept and Police busted a 1998 transgender beauty contest, arresting all 50 contestants, aged between 20 and 51. Five non-Muslims were freed and the remaining 45 were charged in Syariah Court with cross-dressing and acting like women in a public place, facing fines and jail terms.]




Meeting Places

Saunas for Men